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Riksar is the last fitness equipment you need. It is an easy, simple, and most effective way to use the most powerful fitness machine - your body. You can use it at home, gym, or outdoor workouts. You have to use your core and every single muscle while using this unique 10 loop strap. Make the exercise fun again and maximize your results.

For every kind of workout

What is your goal? Thanks to 10 loops that make Riksar the most simple and universal fitness equipment you can use for building strength and muscle, losing fat, doing yoga, stretching, or gaining endurance.

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The world is so full of colors. Exactly as Riksar. You can choose from military black and grey, blue, shine with pink or get some gold.

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  • Riksar gray
  • Riksar blue
  • Riksar gold
  • Riksar pink

What makes riksar
so useful?

Simplicity and universality with no limits. This is what makes Riksar so favorite by thousands of people all over the world.

flexible. affordable.

10 elastic loops
Stretchy material
135 cm lenght

You will love
your riksar

Exactly as our community does. Riksar is being used every day by thousands of people for every kind of workout. It is almost indestructible, light, and multifunctional so you can take wherever you can and use it however you want.

Tomáš Rajchl, Product Designer

The story of a man
and his passion

Designing Riksar 2.0 is not a job, it is pure love. We wanted to create something unique, simple and so useful as possible. After selling more than 3 thousand pieces of the first version we decided to make it even better. Now we bring a brand new design, new colors, and an even more powerful version. We pushed our technology and process of development on the edge and made the best product for everyday use.

Patrik Svatoš

Life-time warranty

We guarantee the best quality of every single piece. The strap is almost indestructible and we are so proud of the quality of our products that we give you a lifetime warranty.

30 days money back

If you change your mind for any reason after ordering the product, no worry. Just ask for the money back during the 30 days period, and we will refund it.

World-wide shipping

Yes, we will ship our products all over the world. All orders are shipped from our stocks in Prague 24 hours after purchase. Feel free to order from anywhere.

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