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Is the Riksar strap elastic?

Yes, the Riksar strap is elastic and that is why it is so versatile for every sport. It can be stretched up to 3.5m long.

Did the Riksar strap ever tear?

The Riksar strap is made out of the most quality materials. It is produced to endure the most demanding workouts. It never tore.

When was the Riksar company founded?

The company was established in August 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic. A new creative team came up with new Riksar strap desing version 2.0 and an overal vision of Riksar brand.

Where can the Riksar strap be used?

The Riksar strap can be used anywhere. Most often it is used in fitness centres, yoga studios, rehabilitation centres, outdoors or during home workouts.

Where is the Riksar strap manufactured?

The Riksar strap is produced by one of the best sport goods factories in China. Only the most contemporary machines are used in this factory. We were in a process of choosing the right factory for over 6 months so we could offer the best product to our customers.

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