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What lenght is it possible to stretch the Riksar strap to?

The Riksar strap can be stretched up to 3.5m long.

What is the process of distribution of the Riksar strap?

After the production is finished in the factory, the straps are sent to our HQ in Czech republic where every single strap is inspected and packed in the original Riksar box. After completion is finished, the straps are stocked here in Czech republic or sent to Amazon warehouses.

What can I find in my Riksar box?

Besides the Riksar strap in every Riksar box there is a booklet with model exercises for beginners and advanced and 2 types of stickers with Riksar logo you can decorate you favourite spot with.

How can I pay for the Riksar strap?

You can choose your preferable payment option on Amazon. On Riksar website you can pay with PayPal, ApplePay or credit or debit card.

What are your plans for future?

At the moment we are planning to expand and stock the Riksar strap in USA and Europe so you can get your Riksar strap as fast as possible. Next there is a Riksar app on the schedule. You would be able to download the app from the AppStore or Google Play, where you can choose from countless exercises and workouts for every part of your body. And last but not least we are creating a brand that everyone will love thanks to its uniqueness and elaboration of every Riksar product.

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