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Use your body,
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Riksar turns your own body into the best possible fitness machine. You have you use your core, abs, and whole muscle system in every single workout with any risk of injury. Its simplicity allows you to use it for every body part or muscle system.

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Get the proper resistance

Choose the intensity
and resistance

Thanks to 10 loops, which make Riksar so useful, you can adjust the level and intensity of the workout as you need. Every loop gives you specific resistance and allows you to train every body part in the exact intensity you look for. Workout with Riksar is always tailored to your specific needs and your fitness level.

Move without limits

Do Yoga, build muscle,
get endurance

What is your goal? Get strength, build muscle, raise endurance and dynamic, or do yoga? You can use Riksar for any type of workout or practice you need. It always allows using your own body in the way you look for. Every move and workout is pushed to a higher level thanks to the special design and many resistance levels of this unique strap.

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Keep moving everywhere

1000 exercises
in one strap

So small and so useful. Are you going on holiday or spend some time in a hotel room and still looking for a chance to stay in shape? You should not forget about your Riksar. It takes almost no space in your bag and gives you a chance for an everyday workout with no limit of moves. No gym needed - just your body.

You will love
your riksar

Exactly as our community does. Riksar is being used every day by thousands of people for every kind of workout. It is almost indestructible, light, and multifunctional so you can take wherever you can and use it however you want.

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